I was just listening to some of my favorite old pieces – check them out!


Tape pieces:

Hunger by Anne Hege – http://www.annehege.com/Hunger.mp3

The Emotions: Bursting by Anne Hege –www.annehege.com/bursting1min.mp3

Sensate Excerpt (Jillian’s Solo) by Anne Hege – www.annehege.com/SensateExcerpt2Jilliansolo.mp3

Transatlantic by Anne Hege www.annehege.com/transatlantic.mp3



Electro-Acoustic works

Voice and Tape:

Annabel Lee by Anne Hege text by Edgar Allen Poe for voice and tape – www.annehege.com/Annabellee.mp3

The Emotions: Closed In by Anne Hege – www.annehege.com/closedin1min.mp3

The Emotions: Clusters by Anne Hege – www.annehege.com/clusters1min.mp3

Died for Love Remix by Anne Hege folk song arrangement inspired by Percy Grainger – www.annehege.com/diedforloveremix.mp3

The Emotions: Inner Conflict by Anne Hege – www.annehege.com/InnerConflict.mp3


Tape and Instruments:

The Emotions: The Guide by Anne Hege www.annehege.com/theguide.mp3

Winged Fragments: A Dream of Seven Swans by Anne Hege, performed by Ensemble Klang with four channel tape – www.annehege.com/wingedfragmentsah.mp3


Tape Machine – Live Analog Cassette Looper

I See Spirits by Anne Hege – recording to be released Spring 2016 as a part of an EmPire Compilation.


Voice with Live Processing

Mouth Masks (recorded live) by Anne Hege, for live voice and mouth retainers with live processing – www.annehege.com/mouthmasks.mp3

SenSate Excerpt (recorded live) commissioned by Carrie Ahern Dance for her work SenSate by Anne Hege, for voice and live processing – www.annehege.com/SensateExcerpt1LIVE.mp3

Deer Dance commissioned by Carrie Ahern Dance for Borrowed Prey Part 1 by Anne Hege for voice and live sampling – www.annehege.com/DeerDance.mp3



Laptop Orchestra works:

From the Waters by Anne Hege for eight person laptop orchestra