Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Anne Katherine Hege



Ph.D.  Music Composition, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (2014)

Dissertation: Spirit in the Flesh: Essays on the Relationship between the Body and Meaning in Performance

Four essays examine how embodied cognition theory can be used to analyze a listener’s physical engagement in musical-multimedia works.

Composition: There’s a Spirit in the Flesh for electronics, trombone, voice, and dancer. Concert length work composed for sound and movement through bodies, controllers, and instruments. Barbara White, advisor; Composition studies: Paul Lansky, Dmitri Tymoczko, Dan Trueman, Rinde Eckert and Steve Mackey.


M.F.A. Music Composition, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (2013)


M.A.    Music Composition, Mills College, Oakland, CA (2004)

Written Master’s Thesis: Composers: The New Revolutionaries Analysis of the influence of politics on the compositions of Luigi Nono, Pauline Oliveros and Meredith Monk.

David Bernstein, advisor; Chris Brown and Maggi Payne, readers.

Master’s Thesis Concert: Composed, directed and produced As Full as the Sea, fifty-minute spatialized, original composition for five ensembles and a campfire. Advised by Fred Frith.


B.A.     Music, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut (1998)

Senior Thesis: Ensemble Expressions Founded female vocal ensemble and worked through improvisation and exercises for one year to create an ensemble sound identity. Performed original composition titled, The Wisdom of the Heart. Neely Bruce and Melvin Strauss, advisors.




2008, 10, 15      Deep Listening Retreat with Pauline Oliveros, Cork, Ireland and CA

2009                Atelier in Multimedia Dialogue with Laurie Anderson, Princeton, NJ

2008                Meredith Monk Workshop, NYC

2005                 SuperCollider 3 Course, RADAR Festival, Mexico City

2003                Choral Conducting, Holy Names College Summer Kodaly Program, CA

2002                 Advanced Choral Conducting, UC Berkeley with Marika Kuzma, Berkeley, CA

1995                Semester course in the Kodaly Method, Kodaly Institute, Kecskemet, Hungary




2012                    Research Affiliate, Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies, Princeton University

2007-2011         Graduate Fellow, Princeton University

2006-2007        The Mark Nelson Fellowship, Princeton University

2003                   The Elizabeth Mills Crothers Prize, Mills College

2003                   Mayflower Choral Society Grant for further study in choral conducting, CA

2003                   Graduate Research Mini Grant, Mills College

2001-2003        Private Vocal Study Scholarship, Mills College

2001-2003        Graduate Assistantship, Mills College

1998                   Departmental Honors, Wesleyan University

1998                   The Gwen Livingston Pekora Prize in Music Composition, Wesleyan University




2013-present     Voice Class and Chorus Instructor at Holy Names University, Oakland, CA

2010-2012          Ear Training Instructor (Prof. Dmitri Tymoczko, Princeton University)

2009-2010         Assistant Instructor, Species Counterpoint and Tonal Syntax (Prof. Dan Trueman, Princeton University)

2008-2009        Assistant Instructor, Music Theory through Performance and Composition (Prof. Dmitri Tymoczko, fall, Prof. Barbara White, spring, Princeton)

2007                    Assistant Instructor, When Music is Made (Prof. Paul Lansky, Princeton)

2005-2006        Music Theory Instructor, Diplomado Choral Conducting Program, Mexico City

2004-2006        Master Class Instructor in Vocal Technique and Performance, Mexico City

2004-2006        Voice and Theory Instructor, Escuela Nacional de Musica de la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City

2003-2006       Private Voice Studio

2003-2004        Choral Music Instructor at Stanley Middle School, Lafayette CA

2001-2003        Instructor Musicianship IV, Mills College, CA




2015-present    Level IV Director, San Francisco Girls Chorus, San Francisco, CA

2014-2015         Music Director at Lake Merritt United Methodist Church, Oakland, CA

2014-present    Co-Director of Concert Choir, Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir, CA

2013-present    Artistic Director of Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble, Oakland, CA

2013-present    Director of the Holy Names University Chorus, Oakland, CA

2008-2011        Chancel Choir Director and Alleluia Youth Choir Director at the Pennington United Methodist Church, NJ

2007                   Conductor of the Voices in the Virtual World Choir, Oakland, CA

2004-2006       Vocalist and director, Four Winds Vocal Ensemble, Mexico City, Mexico

2000-2004       Founder and Director of the Albany Community Chorus, Albany, CA

1999-2009        Director of the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir training camp, CA

1999-2004       Director for the Piedmont East Bay Children’s training department, CA

1999-2002       Music Director at the Albany United Methodist Church, Albany, CA




2015     “Ritual Practice as Compositional Material: Including the Audience in the Process,” co-presented with choreographer Carrie Ahern at the New Music Gathering, San Francisco Conservatory, SF, CA

2015     “From the Waters: Reclaiming What is Lost & The Art of Burial” presented with Carrie Ahern at the 112th Earl Lectures and Leadership Conference Be Art     Now, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA

2013     “From the Waters” Workshop presented at the First Annual Deep Listening Conference at EMPAC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

2013     “From the Waters: Performance and Practice” presented at the Conference of Contemplative Practices for a Technological Society: Cultivating Mind Body Practices to Invent Our Future, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

2012     “There’s a Spirit in the Flesh: Physical Engagement and the Creation of Meaning” presented at the Center for Arts Center Policy Studies as a part of their working paper series, Princeton, NJ

2012     “Middle Passage: Reclaiming What is Lost as Performance and Practice” presented at the Symposium on Laptop Ensembles and Orchestras at LSU, Baton Rouge, LA

2010     Reclaiming What is Lost Workshop presented at the Oakopolis Gallery, CA

2010     “When the Spoken Word Sings: Kenneth Gaburo’s Maledetto” excerpt published for Theoretical: The Music and Theory of Kenneth Gaburo with Chris Mann, David Dunn, Larry Polansky and Nate Wooley, Issue Project Room, NYC

2010     “Sympathetic Vibrations: Connecting With the Audience Through Images of the Body” revision, presented at the (Re)making (Re)presentation Conference at CUNY, NYC

2009    “Sympathetic Vibrations: Connecting With the Audience Through Images of the Body” presented at the Music and the Moving Image Conference at NYU, NYC

2009    “Composing an Instrument, Building a Performer: The works of 
 Galás” presented at the Eighth Annual New Music Festival at Cal State Fullerton, CA

2007     “Where Music and Politics Converge: Luigi Nono’s Il Canto Sospeso” presented at the Princeton University Italian Studies Symposium, NJ




Like Roots for treble chorus, two GameTrak tether controllers, and triangle, commissioned by Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble and premiered at the Sonic Harvest annual concert, Berkeley, CA.

Spectral Listening for multiple mobile devices commissioned by Daniel Iglesia and the Google Ensemble of Mobile Devices, Mountain View, CA


Like Roots for voice and GameTrak tether controller, performed at the Valley Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall, Holy Names University, Oakland, CA


Borrowed Prey II, music for evening length performance work commissioned by Carrie Ahern Dance, Alwan For the Arts, Manhattan, NY


The Hut Performance curated by Jill Sigman performed at St. Nick’s Alliance, Brooklyn, NY. Performed forty minute continuous set of original songs for voice, guitar, and my analog live-looper, the tape machine, in Jill Sigman’s Hut installation.

Borrowed Prey I, music for evening length performance work commissioned by Carrie Ahern Dance, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Chelsea Market, NYC


There’s A Spirit in the Flesh for electronics, trombone, voice, and dancer. Evening length work presented as my dissertation piece in Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University, NJ


SenSate, music for evening length immersive dance piece commissioned by Carrie Ahern Dance, Baltimore Theater Project (2011), 14 Wall Street, NYC (2010), Brooklyn Lyceum (2009).


Make Me Perfect for electronics, voice and video in collaboration with Harrison Owen (video) mentored by Laurie Anderson, presented at various venues, NJ and NY

13 Ways of Seeing a Blackbird for mixed chorus, Richardson Auditorium (Princeton Chamber Choir) and Taplin Auditorium (NY Virtuoso Singers), Princeton, NJ

I See Spirits for tape machine, Whitman Theater, Princeton University, NJ


Vocal Fantasy for female vocal trio, tape, mirrors and lighting, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ

The Silken Tent for the NOW Ensemble, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ

Winged Fragments: A Dream of Six Swans for mixed chamber ensemble, conductor/dancer and four-channel tape track. Performed by Ensemble Klang, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ

Anne and Dominique’s Radio Show, evening length work composed and created in collaboration with Dominique Leone for mixed chamber ensemble, vocal trio, tape machine, and sound samples. Oakopolis Gallery, Oakland, CA

Incantation for the King of Soul for Newspeak chamber ensemble, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ


Grey and Spectral, for PLOrk and SATB soloists. Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University, NJ

Maybe the Monolith will just calm down for four-channel tape, soprano and live vocal processing. Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ and Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA

The Children’s Hour by Sidecar Syndicate, cabaret/art song program with original compositions made seamless with electronic interludes, various performances in CA, NY and NJ.


Shadow and Silver by Sidecar Syndicate, cabaret/art song program made seamless with original electronic interludes, various performances in CA and Mexico.


Timepiece by Sidecar Syndicate (Anne Hege and Heather Heise) Marsh Theater, San Francisco, CA


Close, collaboration with Mimi Hamman using Internet I-2 technology facilitated by Pauline Oliveros, Hayward State, CA

Mouth Masks, live vocal processing for vocalist with amplified mouth retainers, Mills College, CA


Sea Journey, duet for spoken and sung voice, Signal Flow Music Festival, Mills College, CA


Furusato: a home destroyed for the Contemporary Performance Ensemble, Mills College, CA

Mythologues, for female vocal quartet, electric bass, and tape, Oakland, CA


Folk 3000, for female vocal quartet, electric bass, and tape, Albany, CA




2015-present   Community Engagement Coordinator, San Francisco Girls Chorus, SF, CA

2009                  Curator of the Sounding Art exhibit at the Oakopolis Gallery, Oakland, CA

2007                  Co-presenter Sounded Text: a symposium on music, performance, and new media, Princeton University, NJ

2006-2011        Board member at the Oakopolis Gallery, Oakland, CA

2000-2004       Program Coordinator of the Albany Community Chorus, Albany, CA

1998-1999         Board member of the Austin ProChorus, Austin, TX

1997                   Intern at the Smithsonian Institute, Festival of American Folklife, Washington, D.C






2010-2011         Soloist for premier and recording of Dmitri Tymoczko’s Fools and Angels, NJ

2009-2010        Soloist and composer for choreographer Elena Demyanenko, NY

2008-present  Soloist and composer for Carrie Ahern Dance Company, NY

2006-present  Soloist and composer in performance duo “New Prosthetics,” NY and CA

2004-2008       Soloist in performance duo “Sidecar Syndicate,” CA, NJ, NY, and Mexico

2004                 Recitalist at the Shepherd of the Hills Church, Tiburon, CA

2003                Soloist in the 20th Anniversary Concert of the Yerba Buena Center, CA

2003                Soloist at the Oakland Christian Scientist Christmas Celebration, CA

2003                Solo Vocal Recital at Mills College, Oakland, CA

1998-1999      Vocalist with singer/songwriter Nathan Kracklauer, Austin, TX




2009-present  Vocalist, composer, and player in Sideband, touring laptop ensemble, NJ

2007-2010        Vocalist and founder of new vocal trio “Celestial Mechanics,” NY, NJ, and CA

2007-2009       Vocalist in the Princeton University Chamber Choir, Princeton, NJ

2006-2007        Member of the Princeton Women’s Georgian Choir, Princeton, NJ

2004-2006        Vocalist in Voce e Tempore, Mexico, DF

2004                 Paid vocalist for the Oakland Symphony, CA

2004                 Vocalist in the Meredith Monk Marathon at Mills College, CA

2004                 Paid vocalist with Volti professional chorus, San Francisco, CA

2002                 Member of the UC Berkeley Chamber Singers, UC Berkeley, CA

1998-1999      Paid vocalist with the Austin ProChorus, Austin, TX

1996-1998      Performed with the Wesleyan University Chamber Chorus, CT

1994-1998       Vocalist in the “Cardinal Sinners” a cappella group, Middletown, CT

1992-1994       Paid vocalist with the Redwood House Choir, Oakland, CA




2009    Celestial Mechanics Vocal Trio Northern California winter tour, performing works Fefferman, Hege, Ligeti, Narveson, Marble, and Paden, CA

2008    What is Rooted is Easily Nourished winter tour performed by Celestial Mechanics and New Prosthetics in NJ and NYC

2007     The Children’s Hour fall tour performed by Sidecar Syndicate, NJ and NYC

2006    Shadow and Silver tour performed by Sidecar Syndicate with various performances in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Mexico




1993-present    Private voice study with various teachers including Cheryl Keller, Timothy Michaels, Kristin Norderval, and Priscilla Gale, CA, CT, NJ, and NY

2009                  Hiked the John Muir Trail through the Sierra Nevada Mountains (210 miles)

2004-2005        Spanish language study at the Centro de Enseñanza Para Extranjeros, Mexico

2003, 2008       Adult piano studies, continuation of eight years of childhood piano instruction

1998                   Participated in the Aids Ride 5 from San Francisco to LA

1994-1995         Adult flute studies, continuation of seven years of childhood instruction